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Who We Are

Since 1986, Laser Letters has been providing clients all over Maryland’s Eastern Shore with custom print solutions. That’s over 35 years of experience helping build brands and reach goals, forming strong relationships with our clients as we grow together.

At Laser Letters, we’re smaller and that’s a good thing.

It means we are able to adapt easily, work efficiently, and think creatively. We get to know our clients and their market in order to help their business prosper.

When we say we’re local… we really mean local.

Owners Bud and Judi were born, raised and live right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Their families have lived here for centuries plying the water and the land long before it became a playground of tourism and retired living. When Bud claims he’s got ties older than… (whatever it is he’s comparing at the moment), he’s probably right, just not the wearin’ kind. And when he tells you that Judi didn’t have any shoes until she moved to Easton, well, he wasn’t too far wrong on that account either. It’s not that she didn’t have them, she just wouldn’t wear them.

Right down to our roots

We’re local right down to our roots which is why we continue to be active in our community, supporting the businesses and organizations throughout the Shore.

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